A Celebration of Triumph: E. Jean Carroll’s Historic $83 Million Win

A Celebration of Triumph: E. Jean Carroll’s Historic $83 Million Win

E. Jean Carroll had every reason to celebrate at the Flower Shop, a trendy bar on the Lower East Side of New York City. Surrounded by friends and members of the media, Carroll toasted her historic $83 million victory against former President Donald Trump. The party, co-hosted by MSNBC journalist Molly Jong-Fast and Rolling Stone editor-in-chief Noah Shachtman, was a night of jubilation and acknowledgment of Carroll’s triumph.

Carroll, a former columnist for Elle, basked in the limelight as guests gathered around her to snap selfies and express their adoration. She was hailed as an “icon” by attendees who recognized the significance of her legal victory. Among the notable figures present were MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, “Studio 360” host Kurt Andersen, former “SNL” producer Marci Klein, Puck columnist Tara Palmeri, New York Times opinion writer Lydia Polgreen, and Washington Post scribe Sarah Ellison. Carroll was undoubtedly the star of the party.

Carroll’s longtime friend, Lisa Birnbach, author of the iconic ’80s must-have “The Official Preppy Handbook,” accompanied her to the celebration. The two friends reveled in the triumph while reflecting on the journey that led them to this moment. Carroll’s recent appearance on Molly Jong-Fast’s podcast, “Fast Politics,” had set the stage for this celebratory gathering.

Carroll’s attire caught the attention of onlookers, as she donned a one-piece flight suit in a vibrant green khaki shade. She emanated a sense of strength and heroism, representing the indomitable spirit of women overcoming adversity. The sight of Carroll’s outfit invoked a sentiment of admiration, with one party attendee remarking, “It’s great to see women winning the day.”

During her appearance on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Carroll playfully discussed her plans for the substantial sum awarded to her as part of the judgement against Trump. She joked with Rachel Maddow about using the money for a complete wardrobe overhaul, promising Maddow that they would go shopping together. Carroll even went as far as to offer Maddow a penthouse or a fishing trip to France. Her lawyer quickly interjected, clarifying that it was all in jest. Carroll’s lightheartedness added to the overall celebratory atmosphere of the night.

Lisa Birnbach’s presence at the party served as a reminder of the pivotal role she played in Carroll’s civil action against President Trump. Birnbach had testified in court, recounting a conversation she had with Carroll in 1996 regarding Trump’s alleged rape of Carroll in the changing room of Bergdorf Goodman. Last week, Carroll was awarded a staggering $83 million in damages for defamation. The jury ruled that Trump must pay $65 million in punitive damages, $11 million in reputational damages, and $7.3 million in emotional damages. This legal victory solidified Carroll’s claims and held Trump accountable for his actions.

The verdict reached in Carroll’s case sent a powerful message to women everywhere. Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Carroll’s testimony of being raped by Trump is “substantially true” in the context of modern perceptions of rape. The decision affirmed the voices of survivors and marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice. Trump, who was previously ordered to pay Carroll $5 million, expressed his disagreement with the verdicts on his social media platform. He vowed to appeal, condemning the trial as a politically motivated attack.

For Carroll, the verdict symbolized more than just monetary compensation. She viewed it as a triumph for women who refuse to be silenced in the face of adversity. In her own words, it was “a great victory for every woman who stands up when she’s been knocked down.” Carroll’s resilience and unwavering determination served as an inspiration to countless women who have experienced similar hardships.

Not everyone shared the jubilation surrounding Carroll’s victory. Former Fox News anchor and NBC host Megyn Kelly criticized Carroll’s plans to share her windfall from suing Trump. Kelly contended that the clip of Carroll discussing her financial plans could potentially benefit Trump politically, undermining the significance of the legal victory. Nevertheless, the celebratory atmosphere prevailed as Carroll’s triumph marked a turning point in the fight against abuse of power.

E. Jean Carroll’s historic $83 million win against Donald Trump was a cause for celebration and an inspiration to women everywhere. The media party held at the Flower Shop served as a gathering to honor Carroll’s resilience and determination. The verdict not only held Trump accountable but also empowered survivors to stand up against their perpetrators. The celebration of triumph echoed far beyond the confines of the Lower East Side, reminding society of the power of unity and the resilience of the human spirit.


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