A Day in the Life: Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 20th Birthday Experience

A Day in the Life: Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 20th Birthday Experience

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway celebrated her 20th birthday on Sunday, but this year’s festivities took a completely different turn. Instead of the lavish parties and family gatherings she is accustomed to, Ingrid Alexandra spent her special day in a unique environment — continuing her military service. The young royal has embarked on a year-long training at the Skjold camp, part of the Northern Brigade of the Norwegian Army. This marked an important step towards independence for the princess, who is the daughter of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

During her military training, Princess Ingrid Alexandra will acquire various skills, including hand-to-hand combat, as she embraces the life of a soldier. She will be living alongside approximately 800 soldiers and 200 civilian employees, fully immersed in the military community. The Norwegian royal family’s social media accounts paid tribute to the princess on her birthday, sharing a photo of her in her military uniform with the caption, “Happy birthday to Princess Ingrid Alexandra who turns 20 today.” Another image depicted Ingrid Alexandra engaged in military manoeuvres alongside her fellow soldiers in training, underscoring her commitment to serve her country.

A Move Towards Independence

This military service is the latest demonstration of Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s burgeoning independence. Last October, she left the family’s royal residence, Skaugum, and relocated to a flat in the vibrant city of Oslo. The princess chose to reside in Grünerløkka, a hipster neighborhood known for its artistic ambiance, lively bars, trendy cafés, and unique boutiques offering vintage clothing. Located close to the city center, Grünerløkka is often hailed as one of Oslo’s coolest neighborhoods. Its picturesque walking trails, set along the Akerselva River, further enhance the area’s allure.

Academia and Work

Ingrid Alexandra completed her education at Elvebakken Upper Secondary School in Oslo last April. Following her graduation, she worked as a school assistant and environmental worker at Uranienborg School, one of her former schools in the capital. Now, she has embarked on a different path by following in her father’s footsteps and embracing military training. While Ingrid Alexandra is venturing into independence, her brother Prince Sverre Magnus, who is 18 years old, continues to reside at the family home in Asker as he completes his high school education at Elvebakken Upper Secondary School.

Birthday Celebrations Fit for Royalty

Although Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s birthday was spent away from her loved ones and in a military setting, her family and well-wishers made sure she still felt celebrated. The Norwegian royal family’s social media platforms were adorned with messages of love and admiration. Despite the absence of a formal birthday party, the princess’s dedication and commitment to serving her country were honored and recognized.

As Princess Ingrid Alexandra embraces her military service and continues to carve her own path, Norway eagerly watches her transformation from a young girl into a capable and independent woman. Her determination, combined with the valuable experiences gained from her military training, will undoubtedly shape her future endeavors. The 20th birthday milestone has marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life, one that showcases her resilience, dedication, and readiness to take on new challenges.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 20th birthday was a departure from her usual festivities, as she embarked on a year-long military training program. This step towards independence, following her relocation to Oslo and engagement in academia and work, truly demonstrates her commitment to personal growth and service to her country. As the princess continues her journey, Norway eagerly anticipates the remarkable accomplishments she will undoubtedly achieve in the years to come.


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