Actress Minnie Driver Advocates for Locking Up Former President Trump

Actress Minnie Driver Advocates for Locking Up Former President Trump

Actress Minnie Driver recently expressed her opinions on the United States’ political situation in an interview with The Times of London. The British star, who used to reside in Los Angeles but has since moved to London, stated that while California is a suitable place for a liberal like her, she felt the need to fight for important issues in Republican-dominated states.

Calling for Prison Time for Trump

Driver did not mince her words when it came to former President Donald Trump. She boldly stated that Trump deserves to be behind bars, expressing her frustration with the Founding Fathers for not disqualifying a convicted felon from running for president. Furthermore, Driver criticized Trump’s supporters, attributing his fundraising success to those who endorse his racist views, lack of immigration policies, and environmental deregulation.

Standing Firm Against MAGA Republicans

It is clear from Driver’s statements that she has no intention of aligning herself with Make America Great Again (MAGA) Republicans anytime soon. Despite Trump’s pending sentencing, following his conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records, Driver remains resolute in her belief that Trump should face the consequences of his actions. If Driver’s wishes were to be fulfilled, Trump would be serving time in jail.

Minnie Driver’s unwavering stance on holding former President Trump accountable for his actions reflects a broader sentiment among those who believe in justice and equality. By speaking out against racism, corruption, and environmental negligence, Driver sets an example for others to follow in advocating for a better and more just society.


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