Albert Trummer Fights Back Against Allegations

Albert Trummer Fights Back Against Allegations

Albert Trummer is in the midst of a legal battle to clear his name after being accused by his investor Arndt Oesterle of overseeing a “live sex show” and allowing open drug use at his celebrity hotspot, DOM. Trummer claims that these accusations are part of a ploy by Oesterle to take over his club. According to Trummer, Oesterle threatened him after he refused to sign an agreement that would have made him the sole proprietor of the Gramercy Park venue. Trummer believes that Oesterle is trying to push him out and seize control of the establishment.

Counterclaims and Denials

Trummer vehemently denies the allegations made against him. He dismisses Oesterle’s claims of using the club as a personal piggy bank and facilitating drug use. Trummer also denies any involvement in live sex shows, stating that DOM is not akin to the controversial Lower East Side club known for such performances. He insists that the evidence presented in the lawsuit, including video footage from the club, is not sufficient to prove the allegations. Trummer is prepared to fight back against these accusations and defend his reputation.

Oesterle claims to have made significant financial contributions to DOM, totaling around $1.8 million. However, Trummer disputes Oesterle’s status as a co-owner, asserting that the investor only provided funding for specific items like a sound system and furniture. Trummer alleges that Oesterle later reclaimed the expensive furniture he had originally invested in, leading to further tension between the two parties. Trummer maintains that Oesterle’s investment was limited to certain assets and does not grant him ownership of the club.

Trummer was taken by surprise when he learned of Oesterle’s lawsuit through a New York Post reporter and his lawyer. He expressed disappointment and disbelief at the allegations made by someone he had known for 20 years. Trummer characterizes the lawsuit as malicious and questions Oesterle’s motives in filing such claims. Despite the legal threats against him, Trummer is determined to challenge the allegations and protect his business and reputation. He remains defiant in the face of these accusations and is prepared to take legal action to defend himself.

Albert Trummer finds himself embroiled in a contentious legal dispute with his investor Arndt Oesterle over allegations of misconduct at his nightclub, DOM. Trummer vehemently denies the accusations and views them as part of a larger scheme to undermine his ownership of the establishment. Despite the legal threats and challenges he faces, Trummer is determined to fight back and clear his name. The outcome of this legal battle remains uncertain, but Trummer’s resolve to defend his reputation and business interests is unwavering.


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