An Elaborate Fashion Hoax: A So-Called High-End Opportunity Turns into a Nightmare

An Elaborate Fashion Hoax: A So-Called High-End Opportunity Turns into a Nightmare

An emerging fashion designer recently fell victim to an intricate con involving a fake Vogue website, a supposed Netflix show, and the promise of sartorial stardom. This talented designer, who has adorned celebrities and top influencers with her creations, received an email from what appeared to be “Vogue” about a Netflix series centered around rising designers. The email, obtained by Page Six, enticed the designer with the following message:

The purported email from “Vogue” stated, “Vogue is currently in the process of selecting brands for the upcoming Vogue Business Netflix Series, and we’re keen to explore the possibility of featuring your brand in our upcoming episodes.” It continued by describing the alleged project as a captivating documentary-interview format, delving into designers’ compelling stories, interactions with customers, and the dedicated teams behind renowned brands. The email seemed legitimate and even linked to a well-crafted website,

A Suspicious Turn

The designer’s skepticism was aroused when the website began requesting money via Coinbase or PayPal. Sensing that something was amiss, she reached out to Page Six to investigate further. Subsequently, Page Six’s inquiries led to the removal of the website. A spokesperson for Vogue confirmed to Page Six that the renowned brand had no involvement in the show or the fraudulent website.

A Symphony of Prestigious Partnerships

The deception didn’t stop there. The scammers behind the faux Vogue show went to great lengths to convince the designer of their authenticity. They sent her a meticulously crafted document showcasing supposed partnerships, including a collaboration with the entrepreneurial ABC show “Shark Tank,” and Mark Cuban’s cryptocurrency platform, Polygon. The fraudulent Vogue representatives requested detailed information from the designer, such as her brand’s history, content, images, collections, lookbooks, videos about every employee, day-in-the-life videos, and press history. The designer spent hours complying with these demands, jumping through hoops in pursuit of a seemingly golden opportunity.

When the designer received the news that her brand had been chosen for the fictitious show, she was overwhelmed with happiness. She even shed tears of joy, believing that her hard work and talent had finally paid off. However, her elation quickly turned into heartbreak when she realized that it was all an elaborate hoax. The scammers proceeded to solicit a membership fee of $200 to become a part of “Vogue Brands.” The membership promised not only a feature in the Netflix show but also an appearance in the esteemed pages of Vogue magazine.

A Suspicious Request for Membership fees

It was at this point that the designer’s suspicions were further aroused. The scammers instructed her on how to make the payment, including sending the money through PayPal to an individual with a personal Gmail account. Despite her disappointment, the designer acted cautiously and tried to verify the legitimacy of the transaction. However, Page Six could not find anyone associated with actual Vogue using the name provided in the fraudulent email.

As the designer pondered over the elaborate scam, she couldn’t help but wonder what the endgame of the fraudsters might have been. Was it merely about extorting money from aspiring designers? Or did they have a more sinister plan in mind? Regardless, this elaborate hoax serves as a reminder to all artists and creators to remain vigilant and skeptical of unexpected opportunities that sound too good to be true.

By exposing this deceptive incident, we hope to raise awareness within the fashion industry and protect emerging designers from falling victim to such scams. It is crucial for designers to verify the credibility of any invitation or proposal received and to consult trusted industry professionals or publications to validate the authenticity of organizations or collaborations. By doing so, we can collectively ensure that the fashion world maintains its integrity and fosters opportunities that are truly advantageous for talented individuals.


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