Andrew Cuomo Dismisses the Idea of Running for Mayor at Fresco by Scotto’s 30th Anniversary Party

Andrew Cuomo Dismisses the Idea of Running for Mayor at Fresco by Scotto’s 30th Anniversary Party

Former governor Andrew Cuomo attended the 30th anniversary party of Fresco by Scotto on Monday night. The VIP celebration of the family restaurant sparked rumors about Cuomo’s potential run for mayor, as guests were curious to know his plans. However, whenever someone directy asked him about it, Cuomo skillfully shifted the conversation to avoid answering the question. Despite his evasive responses, people expressed their admiration for him and admitted that they missed his presence in politics.

The Scotto anniversary party drew an impressive guest list, including notable figures such as Tony Danza, Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak, and Fox5 anchor Bianca Peters. The event also welcomed Timothy Cardinal Dolan and several stars from the “Real Housewives” franchise, including Melissa and Joe Gorga. Dolan, filled with excitement to celebrate with Rosanna Scotto and her family, arrived early and personally offered his well wishes to the family matriarch, Marion.

Today Show Reunion and Fox 5 Colleague Gathering

The event witnessed a mini-reunion between former “Today” show hosts Katie Couric and Al Roker. Roker attended the party with his wife, ABC News anchor Deborah Roberts. Rosanna Scotto, her sister Elaina, and her daughter Jenna played gracious hosts, warmly greeting the attendees. Fox 5 colleagues of Rosanna Scotto were also well-represented, giving the atmosphere a reminiscent feeling of being on the set of “Good Day New York.”

The guest list at the Fresco by Scotto’s anniversary party was a who’s who of New York media personalities. Alongside Tony Danza and Al Roker, television personalities Tashanea Whitlow, Ryan Kristafer, Audrey Puente, Nick Gregory, Ines Rosales, Mike Woods, Tina Cervasio, and Cristal Young graced the event with their presence. Not to be forgotten were Lew Leone, Joe Dorrego, Erica Keane, and Baruch Shemtov, who also mingled with the crowd.

While Andrew Cuomo attended Fresco by Scotto’s 30th anniversary party, the article emphasizes his avoidance of directly addressing the rumors about a potential mayoral run. The star-studded event featured a mix of high-profile guests from the entertainment industry and New York media personalities. With a lively ambiance reminiscent of “Good Day New York,” the party’s attendees expressed their admiration for Cuomo and his absence from the political sphere.


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