Antonio Brown Ordered to Pay Over $1 Million to High-Profile Jeweler

Antonio Brown Ordered to Pay Over $1 Million to High-Profile Jeweler

Antonio Brown, a former NFL star, has found himself in hot water after failing to respond to a lawsuit filed against him by the renowned jeweler, Shuki International. The jeweler claimed that Brown borrowed several high-priced items in 2022, including a pair of “Shuki International” diamond fingers worth $500K each, a rose gold black diamond version of the finger piece, a white gold chain, and a ring. However, Brown never returned the items or paid for them, leading Shuki to take legal action against him.

Despite being served with the lawsuit, Antonio Brown failed to respond, and as a result, a judge issued a default judgment in favor of Shuki International. This judgment ordered Brown to pay a total of $1,095,000 to the jeweler for the borrowed items that were never returned or paid for. It is unfortunate that Brown chose not to address the lawsuit and now must face the consequences of his inaction.

Shuki International expressed disappointment over the situation, especially since he and Brown were once close. Despite reaching out to Brown to discuss the matter, the former wide receiver did not return his call. This lack of communication and failure to address the issue has only worsened the legal troubles for Antonio Brown.

In a surprising turn of events, Antonio Brown was recently spotted in Los Angeles flaunting one of Shuki’s diamond fingers to the public. This public display of wealth seems out of touch considering the ongoing legal battle and the judgment against him. It raises questions about Brown’s financial responsibility and decision-making in light of these legal troubles.

Antonio Brown’s failure to address the lawsuit brought against him by Shuki International has resulted in a default judgment requiring him to pay over $1 million for the borrowed jewelry items. The lack of response and communication from Brown has only exacerbated the situation, leading to disappointment and unresolved matters between him and the jeweler. This case serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of addressing legal issues promptly and responsibly to avoid further complications and consequences.


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