Behind Closed Doors: The Untold Story of Griffin Dunne and Carrie Fisher

Behind Closed Doors: The Untold Story of Griffin Dunne and Carrie Fisher

It has recently come to light that Griffin Dunne, the son of famous true crime writer Dominick Dunne, confessed to being the one to deflower his close friend, the late Carrie Fisher. In a shocking revelation, Dunne admitted that Fisher trusted him enough to keep her virginity a secret from her boyfriend and allowed him the honor of being her first.

Dunne revealed that the intimate act was not merely mechanical, but rather a consensual experience between two friends. He mentioned that they had “practice sessions” leading up to the event and that they were both fully engaged in the moment. Despite his admission, Dunne claimed that he was not a Casanova, but simply more experienced than Fisher at the time.

Even after the event, Dunne and Fisher remained close friends until her untimely death in 2016 at the age of 60. Dunne reminisced about their core group of friends and how they still honor Fisher’s memory through a group chat, where they share stories and memories of the late actress.

Dunne is set to release a memoir titled “The Friday Afternoon Club” in June, which delves into his family history including his famous father, murdered sister Dominique, and acclaimed aunt Joan Didion. Despite his family background, Dunne originally aspired to be a writer or journalist before pursuing acting, a dream that was cut short when he was expelled from high school for smoking marijuana.

Interestingly, Dunne revealed that iconic filmmaker Tim Burton was once attached to direct the film “After Hours” in the 1980s, a project in which Dunne starred. He expressed regret that the film did not materialize under Burton’s direction, as it would have taken on a much darker and distinct visual style, potentially giving audiences a different perspective on the story.

The relationship between Griffin Dunne and Carrie Fisher was a complex and intriguing one, filled with secrets, shared experiences, and a lasting friendship that transcended time. Dunne’s upcoming memoir promises to shed more light on their bond and his family history, offering readers a unique glimpse into the world of one of Hollywood’s most well-connected families.


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