Brad Pitt’s Quiet Romance with Inés de Ramón Continues to Blossom

Brad Pitt’s Quiet Romance with Inés de Ramón Continues to Blossom

Brad Pitt, at the age of 60, and the fine jewelry executive Inés de Ramón, aged 34, were recently spotted together at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire, England. This rare public appearance comes ahead of the release of Brad’s new racing film, F1. Inés, who serves as the vice president of the popular Los Angeles-based fine jewelry line Anita Ko, brings a wealth of experience to the relationship, having previously worked at prestigious establishments such as Christie’s and de Grisogono.

Their relationship first came to light on November 15 when they were seen together at a Bono concert in Los Angeles, alongside other A-listers like Sean Penn and Cindy Crawford with husband Rande Gerber. Reports suggest that the couple met through mutual friends and had been casually dating for a few months at that point. In the following month, Inés publicly showed her support for Brad by attending the premiere of Babylon in Los Angeles, where Brad was in the company of stars like Margot Robbie and Tobey Maguire.

In the months that followed, Inés continued to be a pillar of support for Brad, attending his birthday celebrations and accompanying him on trips to places like Cabo San Lucas. Despite their low-key approach to their relationship, the couple seemed to be going strong, especially during their European travels while Brad was filming F1. Their one-year mark saw them together at LACMA’s 12th annual Art+Film Gala, where they refrained from posing on the red carpet, maintaining their privacy.

Brad’s 60th birthday celebrations marked another milestone for the couple, underscoring their commitment to each other. In February, at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Inés was seen sitting next to Brad as he honored Bradley Cooper, showcasing their growing bond in public settings. Their subtle yet meaningful gestures speak volumes about the depth of their connection and the mutual respect they share.

As Brad Pitt’s relationship with Inés de Ramón continues to evolve, fans and followers remain intrigued by this under-the-radar romance. Despite the challenges that come with being in the public eye, Brad and Inés have navigated their relationship with grace and authenticity, focusing on what truly matters to them. With each public appearance and milestone they share, their bond appears to strengthen, solidifying their status as a couple to watch in the world of Hollywood romance.


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