Cardi B Criticizes Biden and Trump as Failures as Commanders In Chief

Cardi B Criticizes Biden and Trump as Failures as Commanders In Chief

Cardi B made it clear that she will not be supporting Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the upcoming November election. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the topic of the election came up and Cardi did not hold back in expressing her disappointment in both candidates’ performance as Presidents. She called them “failures” as Commanders In Chief and made it known that she does not support either of them.

Cardi specifically criticized Biden’s domestic and foreign policies, citing them as sources of “layers and layers of disappointment” for her. She expressed her disapproval of America’s selective funding of overseas wars, which has clearly gotten under her skin. She also voiced concern for artists of color potentially facing consequences for speaking out about issues such as the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The rapper highlighted her disdain for America’s perceived “superhero cape,” emphasizing that the country’s actions are often driven by self-interest rather than altruism. She believes that the U.S. portrays itself as a savior on the global stage, while neglecting to address critical issues both domestically and internationally.

In addition to her comments on Biden, Cardi did not hold back in expressing her contempt for Donald Trump’s presidency. She argued that neither Biden nor Trump have the best interests of the United States in mind, pointing out that the cost of living is too high, wages are too low, and not enough is being done to address these issues. Cardi feels that the American people have been betrayed by their leaders.

While some may dismiss Cardi’s political views, it is worth noting that she is not alone in her sentiments. According to Pew Research data, a significant portion of Americans are expressing dissatisfaction with both major party candidates. As a result, there is speculation that the upcoming election could see a surge in support for independent candidates, turning it into a circus of sorts.

Cardi B’s critique of Biden and Trump is a reflection of a broader sentiment of discontent and disillusionment among the American public. Her outspokenness serves as a reminder that political leaders are ultimately accountable to the people they represent, and that criticism is a vital part of a functioning democracy. As the November election approaches, it will be interesting to see how these sentiments manifest in the voting booth.


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