Celebrating Innovation: Michael Kassan Introduces 3C Ventures in Cannes

Celebrating Innovation: Michael Kassan Introduces 3C Ventures in Cannes

Entrepreneur Michael Kassan recently hosted a glamorous cocktail party in the South of France to showcase his latest venture, 3C Ventures. The event took place at the luxurious Champagne Bar at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, France, setting the stage for an evening of celebration and networking.

The launch of 3C Ventures comes at a time when Kassan is embroiled in a legal dispute following his exit from Medialink, the company he founded. The dispute involves the new owner of Medialink, United Talent Agency, adding a layer of complexity to Kassan’s professional journey. Despite the legal challenges, Kassan remains resilient and focused on his new endeavor.

As the festivities unfolded at the Hotel du Cap, there was a sense of irony in the air. The party coincided with a soirée hosted by Medialink and iHeartMedia in the Grill restaurant below, featuring a performance by Lenny Kravitz for VIP guests. Kassan acknowledged the significance of the moment, stating, “It’s Cannes; I understand Cannes. I wrote the business plan for how you use Cannes. I transformed the conference. It’s an important place for me.”

At the core of 3C Ventures is Kassan’s vision to offer a higher level of consultancy services to brands navigating the ever-evolving media landscape. The company’s name reflects the three key areas of focus: Consulting, convening, and co-investing. With a commitment to providing strategic guidance and innovative solutions, 3C Ventures aims to carve a niche in the competitive industry.

Despite being in its early stages, 3C Ventures has already attracted 10 clients and garnered significant interest, resulting in a growing waitlist. Kassan’s reputation and expertise in the field have undoubtedly contributed to the swift momentum of his new venture. As he looks towards the future, Kassan remains optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead for 3C Ventures.

Michael Kassan’s introduction of 3C Ventures in Cannes serves as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Amidst legal challenges and industry competition, Kassan remains unwavering in his commitment to innovation and excellence. The success of 3C Ventures will undoubtedly hinge on Kassan’s visionary leadership and the unique value proposition it offers to clients in the dynamic media landscape.


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