Celebrity Couple Alert: Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach Make Red Carpet Debut Together

Celebrity Couple Alert: Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach Make Red Carpet Debut Together

Celebrities Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach made their first public appearance as a couple on Wednesday night, gracing the red carpet at the Lyric Theatre in London for the press night of the Hadestown play. The pair, who initially crossed paths while competing on the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing, have been the subject of romance rumors following their participation in the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour.

Bobby and Ellie made a statement with their coordinated black ensembles for the event. Ellie donned a chic leather jacket paired with black trousers and heels, while Bobby complemented her look with a dark shirt, navy trousers, and a long black coat. This public outing comes on the heels of their recent responses to speculation surrounding their relationship during the TV Choice Awards.

During an interview with The Sun on the red carpet, Bobby addressed the rumors, referring to Ellie as a “sweetheart” and praising her beauty, talent, and friendship. He hesitated to confirm or deny the possibility of a romantic future, teasing, “I don’t know… you’ll have to see what she says!” Similarly, Ellie remained tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship, emphasizing the close bond they developed while on tour with the Strictly cast.

Ellie’s rumored romance with her dance partner Vito Coppola during her time on Strictly added fuel to the fire. Despite lifting the glitterball trophy together, Ellie and Vito repeatedly dismissed claims of a romantic involvement, insisting on the strength of their friendship and professional partnership. Ellie made it clear during an appearance on This Morning that their bond was rooted in friendship and mutual respect, ruling out any romantic entanglement with Vito.

As their relationship continues to evolve, Bobby and Ellie’s public appearances together suggest a budding romance that has fans buzzing. Their shared experiences on and off the dance floor have solidified their bond, creating a foundation for a potentially lasting relationship. Whether or not their friendship blossoms into something more remains to be seen, but for now, they are enjoying each other’s company and navigating the world of fame as a united duo.


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