Celebrity Sighting: President Joe Biden Spotted in Los Angeles

Celebrity Sighting: President Joe Biden Spotted in Los Angeles

President Joe Biden has been making waves in Los Angeles this week, not only to raise funds for his re-election campaign but also to spread some wealth. The President, along with a group of politicians and Secret Service agents, made an appearance at a Mexican restaurant in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood, where he stopped by at CJ’s Cafe for lunch, although reports indicate that he ended up ordering breakfast instead.

According to a representative from CJ’s, Joe had a craving for a basic breakfast burrito with ham, eggs, and bacon, along with a side of orange juice. Mayor Karen Bass was also present, and she too was in the mood for eggs – specifically scrambled eggs with cheese, tomatoes, and toast. While these may not be traditional Mexican dishes, it seems to be what they both wanted to eat.

Despite dining together, Biden and Bass paid separately, with their respective teams taking care of the bills using their credit cards. However, CJ mentioned that Joe left some extra cash for the staff, leaving a $20 tip which he paid in cash. A photo even captured him reaching into his wallet, and the final bill came to around $30. The restaurant undoubtedly had a bustling atmosphere with many guests wanting to snap photos with the President, who graciously obliged and even took the time to mingle with the managers and owners.

Surprisingly, the restaurant did not close during this impromptu visit. Following the meal, the President headed to give a speech at a local library. He had been touring L.A. all morning, accompanied by a substantial police presence, including his own convoy and a detachment from the Secret Service. Reports suggest that Joe will fly to San Francisco later today, with his California tour scheduled to conclude on Thursday before he returns to D.C. to attend to his official duties.

A Presidential Presence in L.A.

It is quite a sight to see the President in the City of Angels, creating a surreal experience for many. While Los Angeles is known for its celebrity sightings, the streets tend to clear out when Joe is in town. And to top it off, CJ’s Cafe is conveniently located right next to Obama Street, adding an interesting touch to his visit.


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