Celebrity Takes to the Streets to Sell Big Issue Magazine

Celebrity Takes to the Streets to Sell Big Issue Magazine

Lady Frederick Windsor, known professionally as Sophie Winkleman, recently spent time selling copies of the Big Issue magazine on the streets of London. Sophie, known for her acting roles in Peep Show and Sanditon, joined vendor Kelvin Gregory to experience a day in the life of a Big Issue seller. Sophie expressed her respect and admiration for vendors, acknowledging that it is hard work and requires a special skill set. She noted the importance of knowing who to approach and how to handle rejection from passersby. Despite facing some rudeness from people, Sophie emphasized the need for making a human connection, even if someone is unable to purchase a magazine.

Vendor’s Perspective

Kelvin Gregory, the vendor who accompanied Sophie during her selling experience, shared his thoughts on the unique situation. He highlighted the importance of having someone well-known in the media like Sophie to witness and appreciate the challenges that vendors face on a daily basis. Kelvin pointed out that Sophie managed to sell three magazines, experiencing a sense of accomplishment with her first sale. However, he acknowledged that handling rejection and rudeness from some individuals can be difficult, but it is part of the job. Kelvin emphasized the diversity of interactions with people, ranging from engaging to dismissive.

Celebrity Ambassador

Sophie Winkleman has been an ambassador for the Big Issue since 2020, demonstrating her commitment to supporting the homeless community. She revealed her long-standing connection to the magazine, dating back to her school days. Even while living in Los Angeles, Sophie had her mother send her copies of The Big Issue to stay connected to her roots. The Big Issue has also garnered support from other members of the royal family, such as Prince Charles and Prince William. Prince Charles appeared on the magazine’s cover last November, advocating for practical solutions to address food waste and food insecurity. On the other hand, Prince William has participated in selling the magazine outside a Tesco branch and launched an initiative to combat homelessness.

Overall, Sophie Winkleman’s experience as a Big Issue seller sheds light on the challenges faced by vendors and the importance of building connections with the community. Her involvement as an ambassador reflects a genuine commitment to supporting vulnerable populations. The royal family’s support for the Big Issue demonstrates a shared dedication to addressing homelessness and social issues. Through their actions, they inspire others to take part in meaningful initiatives to create positive change in society.


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