Chad Johnson Confident Tee Higgins’ Contract Dispute With Bengals Will Be Resolved

Chad Johnson Confident Tee Higgins’ Contract Dispute With Bengals Will Be Resolved

Former Bengals player, Chad Johnson, has expressed confidence that Tee Higgins’ contract dispute with the Cincinnati Bengals will be resolved soon. Despite ongoing disagreements regarding Higgins’ desired annual salary of $25 million, Johnson believes that the two parties will ultimately come to an agreement.

Communication Between Johnson and Higgins

Johnson revealed that he has been in contact with Higgins and they have discussed the situation multiple times. Both individuals appear to have a calm and understanding approach towards the negotiation process, recognizing that it is a part of the business aspect of professional sports.

Similar Situation in Atlanta

Drawing parallels, Johnson also mentioned a similar scenario in Atlanta involving Kirk Cousins and Michael Penix Jr. Despite initial concerns over the draft pick, Johnson believes that Cousins will eventually understand that it is not personal and will support Penix Jr. in his transition to the Falcons.

Overall, Johnson’s positive outlook and belief in resolving contract disputes through communication and negotiation reflect a mature and seasoned perspective on handling such situations in the NFL. His experience as a former player adds credibility to his insights and advice for current players navigating contract negotiations with their respective teams. By highlighting the importance of professionalism and business acumen in dealing with such issues, Johnson sets an example for young athletes entering the professional sports industry.


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