Chiefs-Inspired SF Bar Welcomes All, but 49ers Fans Might Find it Hard to Get In

Chiefs-Inspired SF Bar Welcomes All, but 49ers Fans Might Find it Hard to Get In

San Francisco is known for its vibrant sports culture, with a passionate fanbase for the city’s NFL team, the 49ers. However, rumors had spread recently that 49ers fans were being banned from Buzzworks, the only Chiefs-inspired bar in the city. Vlad Cood, the owner of Buzzworks, is now clarifying the situation, stating that while 49ers fans are not officially banned, it may be challenging for them to find a spot in the bar on game day.

Cood insists that his words were taken out of context, leading to the false reports of a fan ban. He emphasizes that his doors are open to all fans, regardless of team affiliation. However, he also acknowledges that Buzzworks tends to fill up quickly with enthusiastic Chiefs fans on football Sundays. This loyal following has been a consistent trend for some time, and Cood does not foresee a change in the atmosphere for Super Bowl weekend.

While 49ers fans are welcome to visit Buzzworks at any time, Cood suggests they arrive well before kickoff to secure a seat. With Chiefs supporters dominating the bar on game days, finding an available spot can be a challenge. As the saying goes, “Come as you are, but come with time to spare!”

Recognizing the potential demand from 49ers fans, Cood offers an alternative option. He also owns another bar called Butter, located just across the street from Buzzworks. According to Cood, Butter has more than enough room to accommodate anyone who wants to gather and enjoy Super Bowl LVIII alongside their fellow 49ers supporters. This provides an alternative venue for those unable to find space at Buzzworks.

Interestingly, Cood reveals that he himself is a longtime 49ers fan, despite owning a Chiefs-inspired bar. While Buzzworks caters specifically to Chiefs lovers, he expresses a desire to be surrounded by his own kind. This ironic twist adds to the unique atmosphere of both establishments.

Cood emphasizes that both Buzzworks and Butter welcome fans from all teams. However, due to the popularity of the Chiefs-inspirated bar, 49ers fans may find it challenging to secure a seat on game day. For those dedicated to supporting the 49ers, arriving early is crucial to securing a spot at the table, or in this case, a beer in hand. Regardless of team affiliation, sports enthusiasts are encouraged to visit Buzzworks and experience the electric atmosphere that accompanies Chiefs games, where camaraderie and passion reign supreme.


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