Chrissy Teigen Picks Potential SI Swimsuit Cover Star

Chrissy Teigen Picks Potential SI Swimsuit Cover Star

Chrissy Teigen, the current cover star of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, has voiced her opinion on who she thinks should be next in line for the coveted cover spot. In an interview with People, Teigen expressed her preference for singer Sabrina Carpenter to grace the cover next. Teigen believes that Carpenter’s involvement in the magazine would be fantastic, especially since her family is currently obsessed with the singer’s music.

Sabrina Carpenter, known for her versatility as an artist, has proven that she is comfortable baring it all in front of the camera. Recently, Carpenter stripped down for a campaign with SKIMS, a company founded by Kim Kardashian. This experience suggests that Carpenter would be a natural fit for the Sports Illustrated cover, considering the magazine’s history of featuring models in revealing attire.

In addition to endorsing Sabrina Carpenter for the cover, Chrissy Teigen also expressed her desire to see other models make a comeback in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Teigen suggested that the magazine should incorporate more political themes or even consider inviting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to become the first male model to pose for the publication.

As for Sabrina Carpenter, the decision to embrace her “Wildside” and dive into the world of Sports Illustrated remains uncertain. While Carpenter has faced criticism for collaborating with Taylor Swift’s perceived rival, she has dispelled any rumours of a feud between herself and Swift. Whether Carpenter will take the plunge and join the ranks of Sports Illustrated cover stars is a question that only time will answer.

Chrissy Teigen’s endorsement of Sabrina Carpenter for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue adds an exciting element to the conversation surrounding the next cover star. With Teigen’s seal of approval and Carpenter’s proven comfort in front of the camera, the possibility of seeing Carpenter on the cover seems promising. As the future of the magazine evolves, embracing new faces and voices, the inclusion of artists like Carpenter could mark a new chapter in the history of Sports Illustrated.


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