Christian Wood Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

Christian Wood Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

NBA player Christian Wood has recently been granted a temporary restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, Yasmine Lopez. Wood claims that since their breakup in December 2022, Lopez has been causing him significant mental, emotional, and financial distress. The court documents obtained by TMZ Sports reveal that Wood accused Lopez of trespassing on his property, vandalizing his vehicles, and even physically assaulting him in the past.

One of the incidents mentioned in the court documents occurred on February 23, 2024, when Lopez and her friends trespassed on Wood’s California residence. She allegedly scratched the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz and even entered his other vehicle without permission. This led to her arrest after neighbors called the police. Wood also mentioned an incident from August 2023, where Lopez broke into his home in Encino, destroying valuable items and attempting to hit him. Wood believes that Lopez has been stalking him and using his publicized work schedule to track his location and vandalize his property.

Wood also accuses Lopez of getting physical with him on numerous occasions and alienating him from their 8-month-old son, Kobe Sean. He claims that Lopez has been making false allegations against him and misrepresenting facts to the media in an attempt to gain favor. Wood requested joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their child as part of the temporary restraining order to protect himself and his son from further harm.

As part of the restraining order, Lopez must stay at least 100 yards away from Wood at all times, whether he is at home, work, or in his car. The only exception is for brief and peaceful contact regarding their child. The judge specifically instructed Lopez to refrain from any harassing, attacking, striking, threatening, or stalking behavior towards Wood. Additionally, Lopez is prohibited from possessing a firearm while the order is active. The temporary restraining order is set to expire on March 20, providing Wood with some relief and protection from Lopez’s alleged harmful actions.

The allegations made by Christian Wood against his ex-girlfriend Yasmine Lopez are serious and concerning. The details provided in the court documents paint a troubling picture of harassment, vandalism, and physical assault. It is important for individuals to take legal action when faced with such behavior to ensure their safety and well-being. The temporary restraining order granted to Wood serves as a protective measure against further harm, allowing him to focus on his career and caring for his son without the added stress of dealing with Lopez’s actions.


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