Christine Baumgartner to Marry Josh Connor

Christine Baumgartner to Marry Josh Connor

It’s only been a short time since Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce from Kevin Costner, but she seems to have moved on quickly. Recent reports suggest that she is now in a serious relationship with Josh Connor, a divorced father-of-three. Despite Kevin Costner’s claims that their relationship may have started before the official split, Christine and Josh are moving forward with their plans to marry. It is evident that their relationship has progressed rapidly, with the couple even sharing their marriage intentions with friends and family.

The blending of families seems to be going smoothly for Christine and Josh. This was evident during a recent family dinner in Montecito over Memorial Day weekend. Christine brought her three children from her previous marriage with Kevin Costner to dine with Josh and his children. The evening involved logistical shuffles, separate arrivals, and takeout options, but it was a step towards integrating their families. The informal yet significant gathering showed that both families are willing to come together and support each other.

The split between Christine and Kevin was rocky, with legal battles over child support and the division of assets. Despite initially seeking a significant amount in child support, Christine settled for a lower amount after a lengthy legal process. The fate of Kevin’s mansion was also contested, with Christine eventually being compelled to move out. She now resides in a rented property in Montecito, marking a significant change from her previous lifestyle. The legal proceedings also revealed that Christine had borrowed money from Josh Connor, a fact that Kevin used to fuel his accusations of infidelity.

Settling the Divorce

Christine and Kevin finally settled their divorce in October, avoiding a lengthy trial over the prenuptial agreement she had previously signed. This marked the end of a tumultuous period in Christine’s life, allowing her to move forward with her new relationship with Josh Connor. The couple seems to be looking towards a future filled with happiness and stability, leaving behind the drama and legal battles of the past.

Looking Towards the Future

As Christine and Josh prepare for their upcoming wedding, it is clear that Christine is ready to leave her past behind and embrace a new chapter in her life. The blended family dynamics seem to be working well, and both Christine and Josh are focused on building a future together. Despite the challenges and drama of the past, Christine is moving forward with grace and determination, finding joy and contentment in her relationship with Josh. The future looks bright for this couple as they embark on a new journey together.


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