Criticism Over Bethenny Frankel’s Comments on Travis Kelce’s Relationship

Criticism Over Bethenny Frankel’s Comments on Travis Kelce’s Relationship

Recently, Ed Kelce, the father of Travis Kelce, took to Facebook to express his strong disapproval of Bethenny Frankel’s remarks regarding his son’s relationship with Taylor Swift. Frankel, known for her time on the “Real Housewives of New York City,” made comments predicting that Swift’s relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end would not last. Ed Kelce reposted a Newsweek article highlighting Frankel’s comments and questioned, “Who TF is this troll?” in reference to the reality TV star.

Following Ed Kelce’s post, fans rallied behind him, commending his defense of his son’s romance with Swift. Comments flooded in, with one person calling him a “legend” and another stating, “Just when I didn’t think I could love the Kelce Family anymore we get Ed for another win.” The outpouring of support from fans showed a united front in favor of Kelce’s relationship and against Frankel’s criticism.

Beyond Ed Kelce’s remarks, other commenters jumped in to criticize Frankel for her comments about the Kelce family. One individual referred to Frankel as a “Un-Real Housewife” and accused her of trying to stay relevant by commenting on the couple’s relationship. Another person pointed out Frankel’s negative comments about Travis’ mother’s business dealings, indicating a pattern of targeting the Kelce family for attention. The overall sentiment from these additional critics reflected a disdain for Frankel’s remarks and actions.

Despite the negativity from Frankel and other critics, Ed Kelce has remained a staunch supporter of Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift. He has praised Swift’s “gracious” personality and the couple has been seen together at various events, showing a united front in the face of external criticism. Reports even suggest that Travis Kelce may be planning to propose to Swift in the near future, indicating a serious commitment to their relationship.

Overall, the backlash against Bethenny Frankel’s comments highlights a strong sense of support for Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship. Ed Kelce’s vocal defense and the fans’ reactions demonstrate a united front against unnecessary criticism and negativity towards their romance. As the couple continues to navigate their relationship in the public eye, it is evident that they have a strong support system in place to counter any unwarranted attacks.


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