Critique of Bethenny Frankel’s Parenting Defense

Critique of Bethenny Frankel’s Parenting Defense

Bethenny Frankel, former star of “Real Housewives of New York City,” recently made headlines for her strong defense of her parenting choices, specifically regarding her 13-year-old daughter Bryn. While it is admirable for a parent to stand up for their child, Frankel’s aggressive and over-the-top response to social media critics may raise questions about her parenting style.

Unnecessary Aggression

In her Instagram video, Frankel warned trolls to “keep f–king walking” and threatened to physically harm anyone who dared to criticize her parenting. While it is understandable that she wants to protect her daughter from online bullying, resorting to violent language and threats may not be the most appropriate or effective way to handle criticism.

Parenting Narcissism?

Frankel’s emphasis on her own qualities as a parent, such as being “the most important thing” to her and how she works hard at it, raises concerns about potential narcissistic tendencies. While it is important for parents to take pride in their parenting skills, constantly reminding others of your own merit as a parent can come across as self-centered and insecure.

In addition to her defensive stance on her parenting, Frankel has also faced backlash for exposing her daughter to inappropriate content, such as buying a phallic dessert in front of Bryn. Critics have accused Frankel of trying to be Bryn’s “bestie” instead of her mother, blurring the lines of appropriate parent-child boundaries.

While it is understandable that public figures like Frankel may face heightened scrutiny regarding their parenting choices, the aggressive and defensive nature of her response may do more harm than good. Instead of engaging in a war of words with online trolls, a more measured and thoughtful approach to addressing criticism could have been more productive.

While it is important for parents to defend their children and their parenting decisions, Bethenny Frankel’s aggressive and defensive response to criticism may raise questions about her parenting style. It is crucial for parents to strike a balance between protection and self-reflection, and to consider the potential impact of their actions on their children.


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