Critique of Kim Kardashian’s Reselling of Designer Handbags

Critique of Kim Kardashian’s Reselling of Designer Handbags

Kim Kardashian recently faced backlash from fans after listing a “dirty” Hermès purse on her family’s resale site for a staggering $70,000. The rare grey matte alligator Birkin bag was described as being in “good condition” despite visible signs of wear and tear such as discoloration on the handles and minor scratching on the metal. Fans on Reddit expressed confusion and criticism over the pricing of the bag, with some questioning the motives behind selling a visibly worn item for such a high price.

One of the main criticisms directed towards Kardashian was the apparent lack of effort to restore the bag before listing it for sale. Fans pointed out that the handles were turning brown, the hardware was scuffed and dull, and the overall appearance of the bag was far from pristine. The decision to sell the bag in its current state without any attempts to restore or properly store it raised concerns about the authenticity and value of the item.

Despite the flaws and imperfections of the bag, Kardashian justified the $70,000 price tag by citing the rarity and exclusivity of the item. However, fans quickly pointed out that a similar bag in new condition was available for purchase on a luxury website for $120,875, calling into question the justification for the inflated price on Kardashian’s resale site. The discrepancy between the actual condition of the bag and the asking price further fueled criticism from fans and onlookers alike.

The backlash against Kardashian’s resale practices not only sheds light on the questionable pricing strategy but also raises concerns about the impact on her reputation. As a high-profile celebrity and fashion icon, Kardashian’s decisions regarding the sale of luxury items reflect not only on her personal brand but also on the broader perception of celebrity reselling practices. By listing worn and damaged items at exorbitant prices, Kardashian risks damaging her reputation and alienating fans who expect authenticity and transparency in her business dealings.

Kim Kardashian’s recent reselling of designer handbags has sparked controversy and criticism among fans and observers. The decision to list a visibly worn Hermès Birkin bag for $70,000 without addressing the issues of discoloration and wear and tear has raised questions about the authenticity and value of the item. The inflated price tag and lack of attention to detail have tarnished Kardashian’s reputation and called into question the motives behind her resale practices. As a public figure, Kardashian must be more mindful of the message she sends through her business dealings and take steps to ensure transparency and integrity in her reselling ventures.


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