Cuba Gooding Jr. Addresses Allegations Made by Lil Rod Against Himself and Diddy

Cuba Gooding Jr. Addresses Allegations Made by Lil Rod Against Himself and Diddy

Cuba Gooding Jr. recently addressed the allegations made by music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Smith against himself and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Smith filed a lawsuit against Diddy, claiming that he was drugged and raped at one of Diddy’s parties and that Diddy let his friends make inappropriate advances. Gooding was also implicated in the lawsuit, with Smith alleging that Gooding had groped him.

In a new interview on Patrick Bet-David’s “The PBD Podcast,” Gooding expressed shock at being named in Smith’s lawsuit against Combs. He emphasized that he has only hung out with Diddy a few times, including listening to music on Diddy’s yacht with Smith on New Year’s Eve. Gooding believes that Smith is targeting them for money and insists that he and Diddy were merely acquaintances.

It is worth noting that in 2022, Gooding pleaded guilty to a forcible touching misdemeanor charge for non-consensually kissing a woman at a nightclub in 2018. Gooding acknowledges his past legal troubles but maintains that Smith only dropped his name in the lawsuit because of the cases he has already gone through.

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s response to the allegations made by Lil Rod against himself and Diddy sheds light on his perspective of the situation. Gooding denies any wrongdoing and attributes the accusations to Smith’s desire for financial gain. It is essential to consider all sides of the story and allow the legal process to determine the truth behind these allegations.


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