Dan Dakich’s Solution to Court-Storming Controversy

Dan Dakich’s Solution to Court-Storming Controversy

Dan Dakich, a former college basketball star, has weighed in on the ongoing debate surrounding court-storming at the end of games. He suggests that the solution to this issue is quite simple – increasing police presence on nights where such celebrations are likely to occur. By deploying more law enforcement officers in big bright jackets to surround the losing team, Dakich believes that the risk of fan-related incidents can be significantly reduced.

According to Dakich, having a strong police presence does not mean that fans cannot celebrate their team’s victories. On the contrary, it allows for a safe environment where students can enjoy their universities’ accomplishments without jeopardizing the safety of others. By providing protection for the players and preventing fans from storming the court, Dakich believes that the essence of celebrating in-season achievements can still be preserved.

In cases where schools fail to take adequate precautions and incidents do occur, Dakich proposes imposing hefty fines as a way to enforce accountability. He argues that by making it financially burdensome for schools to ignore the potential risks of court-storming, they will be more motivated to prioritize safety measures. Dakich suggests that penalties should be severe, such as imposing million-dollar fines, to serve as a strong deterrent against future negligence.

Responding to Calls for Strict Measures

While some individuals, including ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, have advocated for citations or arrests to deter court-storming, Dakich stands firm in his belief that these measures are unnecessary. Drawing from his own experience as a coach where one of his players was injured in a similar situation, Dakich acknowledges the dangers associated with court-storming. However, he maintains that the focus should be on prevention rather than punitive actions.

A Balanced Approach

Despite the recent incident involving Kyle Filipowski’s injury during a court-storming, Dakich emphasizes that court-stormings are a common occurrence in college basketball. Rather than advocating for the complete abolition of this tradition, he proposes a more pragmatic approach that focuses on enhancing security measures and imposing penalties for negligence. By striking a balance between celebrating victories and ensuring safety, Dakich believes that court-storming can continue to be a cherished part of the college basketball experience.


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