Did Dave Grohl Shade Taylor Swift?

Did Dave Grohl Shade Taylor Swift?

Many fans were left wondering if there was some bad blood between Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift after Grohl made some comments during a recent performance in Manchester, England. The Foo Fighters frontman seemed to suggest that Swift doesn’t perform live, which left many Swifties feeling offended and disappointed.

During his performance at the London Stadium, Grohl mentioned that he was “feeling like Taylor Swift” and referred to his tour as the Errors Tour, joking about the spelling of errors. He later clarified that he was joking about Swift’s tour, but the damage had already been done. Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment in Grohl’s comments, questioning his respect for the talented pop star.

Swift’s fans, known as Swifties, were quick to defend their idol and criticize Grohl for his remarks. Some even suggested that Grohl’s comments came from a place of jealousy, considering Swift’s immense success and record-breaking tours. However, others came to Grohl’s defense, claiming that it was all just a harmless joke and that Grohl has no history of bad-mouthing others.

Page Six reached out to both Swift and Grohl’s representatives for comment on the situation. Despite the criticism from some fans, Grohl had previously declared himself a Swiftie and even dedicated a song to her during a radio show in 2015. This further added to the confusion surrounding Grohl’s supposed shade towards Swift.

In the world of music and celebrity feuds, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between playful banter and genuine animosity. While some fans felt personally offended by Grohl’s comments, others were quick to dismiss it as just a joke. Ultimately, only Grohl and Swift themselves can clarify the situation and put an end to any speculation about their relationship.


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