Don Lemon Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Career Setbacks

Don Lemon Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Career Setbacks

Don Lemon recently revealed on Tamron Hall’s show that he has been battling depression and has been taking antidepressants to cope with the challenges he has faced. This admission came after the former CNN anchor was let go from the network over the summer. He mentioned that taking antidepressants has helped him get through the tough times, especially after being fired. Lemon also shared that he has been undergoing talk therapy and guided therapy with the help of his doctor.

It was reported that Don Lemon’s new show on Elon Musk’s platform, X, was abruptly canceled after he interviewed the tech mogul as his first guest. Lemon expressed that Musk informed him of this decision only hours after the interview took place. Despite the partnership ending, Lemon clarified that Musk was never his boss and that he never actually worked for him, as reported by a source.

There was some controversy surrounding Don Lemon’s alleged list of demands to join X, including an $8 million salary, a Cybertruck, equity, and veto power over news policies. Lemon denied these claims, alongside his agent and spokesperson. Tamron Hall commented on the situation, suggesting that it could have been a strategic negotiation tactic. Lemon agreed, stating that people often ask for things during negotiations, but it doesn’t guarantee that they will receive them.

During his appearance on Tamron Hall’s show, sources revealed that Don Lemon was emotional, expressing happiness for Hall’s success after her own career setbacks. He was described as being emotional about the recent turn of events in his own career. Despite the challenges he has faced, Lemon remains resilient and continues to work on his mental health and well-being.

Don Lemon’s honesty about his mental health struggles and career setbacks sheds light on the importance of seeking help and maintaining resilience in the face of challenges. It is essential to prioritize mental health and well-being, especially during difficult times. By speaking out about his experiences, Lemon encourages others to seek support and continue to push forward, no matter what obstacles may come their way.


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