Donald Trump’s Alleged Dozing Off During Trial Sparks New Nickname

Donald Trump’s Alleged Dozing Off During Trial Sparks New Nickname

As former President Donald Trump’s first criminal trial begins, reports have surfaced that he was dozing off on the first day of court proceedings. This behavior has raised eyebrows and led to the creation of a new nickname for Trump in light of the circumstances.

NYT reporter Maggie Haberman went on CNN to share her observations during the trial, noting that Trump’s head appeared to be dropping and that his jaw seemed slack at times. These physical signs suggested that Trump may have been catching some ZZZs during the proceedings, causing quite a stir among spectators and the media.

In response to the reports of Trump appearing to doze off in court, a new nickname has emerged – “Sleepy Don.” This nickname, typically associated with Joe Biden, has now been playfully assigned to Trump, with the internet having a field day coming up with memes and jokes about the situation.

Despite the reports of him sleeping in court, Trump appeared alert and fired up while talking to reporters as he entered the courthouse. He called the trial an assault on the country and reiterated that it was a witch hunt against him. The trial revolves around alleged hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an affair she claimed to have had with Trump in the early 2000s.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that the transcript of the “Access Hollywood” tape and details about another alleged affair with ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal would be discussed. Additionally, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is expected to testify in the trial. The jury selection process is anticipated to last a few weeks, with the goal of selecting 12 jurors and 6 alternates who can be fair and impartial.

Trump is facing 34 counts of falsifying business records, which are considered felonies in New York. He has maintained his plea of not guilty to all charges brought against him. The trial marks the beginning of what is set to be a lengthy legal battle for the former President as he navigates multiple criminal trials in the coming months.


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