Donald Trump’s Controversial Views on Ratings and Behavior

Donald Trump’s Controversial Views on Ratings and Behavior

In a recent bombshell book titled “Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass,” former President Donald Trump revealed his belief that people could get away with abhorrent behavior as long as they had good ratings. According to the book, Trump reflected on his time on “The Apprentice” by emphasizing the importance of ratings, stating that with good ratings, one could be perceived as the meanest, most horrible human being in the world. This perspective reveals a cynical view of Hollywood and sheds light on the motivations behind Trump’s actions on the reality TV show.

The portrayal of Trump in the book as a lonely, occasionally dotty man is not flattering. His comments about the significance of ratings and their influence on behavior add another layer to his controversial persona. Trump’s past statements, such as the infamous “grab ’em by the p***y” remark, further exemplify his belief that fame and ratings can excuse inappropriate behavior. Additionally, referring to Taylor Swift as “unusually beautiful” in a seemingly objectifying manner further showcases Trump’s problematic views on women and beauty.

While Trump’s team has not denied his comments in the book, they have attempted to downplay his interactions with the author and discredit the book’s credibility. By dismissing the author as a “loser” and focusing on Trump’s current endeavors as a prominent Republican figure, his team has attempted to minimize the impact of the book’s revelations. However, the candid nature of Trump’s statements in the book offers a stark look into his mindset and beliefs, regardless of attempts to deflect criticism.

The revelation of Trump’s views on ratings and behavior raises concerns about the influence of fame and popularity in society. By suggesting that individuals can engage in unethical or inappropriate conduct as long as they have good ratings, Trump’s comments call into question the moral compass of those in positions of power and influence. Furthermore, his objectification of women and superficial judgments based on appearance highlight larger issues of gender inequality and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

Donald Trump’s controversial views on ratings and behavior showcased in the book “Apprentice in Wonderland” provide insight into his mindset and attitudes towards fame, success, and morality. The implications of his statements extend beyond the confines of reality TV and raise important questions about the intersection of power, popularity, and ethical conduct in society.


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