Donald Trump’s Potential Threat to Deport Prince Harry

Donald Trump’s Potential Threat to Deport Prince Harry

Recently, Donald Trump hinted at the possibility of deporting Prince Harry from the United States if he is re-elected as president. This comes after the Duke of Sussex admitted to drug use in his memoir. During a conversation with GBN host Nigel Farage, the former President made it clear that the son of King Charles would not receive special privileges regarding his residency in the US if he potentially lied when applying for his visa.

Harry’s Admission of Drug Use

Prince Harry was candid about his drug use in his book “Spare”, which included cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms. While his partying days seem to be behind him, his past drug use could technically make him ineligible for a visa. Many are curious about what Harry disclosed during his visa application process, as Donald Trump has vowed to take action if there were any inaccuracies.

Although Trump has hinted at potential consequences for Harry’s visa status if he assumes a new term, he has refrained from providing specific details about his plan. While he has not openly stated that the prince should be worried, the uncertainty surrounding Harry’s residency in the US remains. Currently, Prince Harry resides in the United States on a visa and has not yet become a US citizen. He has expressed that he is still contemplating that decision.

On the other hand, Harry’s wife Meghan Markle is a US citizen by birth, and their children Archie and Lilibet hold dual nationality. The family dynamic adds an extra layer of complexity to the situation, as their immigration status could also be impacted by any potential changes to Harry’s visa.

Future Uncertainties

With the upcoming elections, it is unclear what the future holds for Prince Harry and his residency in the United States. As Trump’s comments continue to raise questions about Harry’s visa status, the prince’s future in the US remains uncertain. While much can change in the months leading up to the elections, the possibility of deportation for Prince Harry looms over his head.


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