Draya Michele Sues Ex-Boyfriend Tyrod Taylor Over House Deal

Draya Michele Sues Ex-Boyfriend Tyrod Taylor Over House Deal

In a shocking turn of events, Draya Michele has taken legal action against her ex-boyfriend, NFL quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The 39-year-old model has filed a lawsuit against Taylor, alleging that he deceived her in a house deal. According to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Taylor purchased a home in the Los Angeles area back in August 2022 and allowed Draya and her children to move in. Draya claims that she and Taylor had a verbal agreement that she would eventually buy the house from him, with her contributions going towards the purchase price.

The Allegations

Draya asserts that she offered Taylor $2.8 million for the property, and when he countered with $3.2 million in January 2024, she agreed to the higher price. She further claims that she invested close to $300,000 in the home, believing that this money would be deducted from the final purchase price. However, she alleges that Taylor has now backtracked on their agreement and is threatening to evict her, as well as refusing to sell her the house. Draya is suing Taylor for breach of contract and is seeking unspecified damages as compensation for the ordeal.

The Relationship

Draya Michele and Tyrod Taylor reportedly began dating in 2020 but ended their relationship in 2023. Since then, Draya has moved on and is currently romantically involved with NBA star Jalen Green, with whom she recently welcomed a child. The lawsuit against Taylor marks a new chapter in Draya’s life, as she navigates the legal system in pursuit of justice and reparation for the alleged wrongdoings she has suffered.

The legal battle between Draya Michele and Tyrod Taylor shines a light on the complexities of personal relationships and financial agreements. As the case unfolds, it serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of formalizing agreements, even in the context of romantic partnerships. Whether Draya will emerge victorious in her lawsuit remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – she is determined to fight for what she believes is rightfully hers. In the realm of love and money, nothing is ever guaranteed, and sometimes the lines between the two can become blurred, leading to disputes and legal action.


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