Dreaming Big: Sam Heughan’s Hopes of Stealing Taylor Swift Away

Dreaming Big: Sam Heughan’s Hopes of Stealing Taylor Swift Away

Sam Heughan, the star of “Outlander,” is not one to shy away from dreaming big. As he prepares to attend a Taylor Swift concert in the United Kingdom, he jokingly expresses his hopes of catching the pop star’s eye and stealing her away from her NFL player boyfriend, Travis Kelce. In a behind-the-scenes clip from the “Outlander” set in Scotland, Sam, dressed in full costume as Highland warrior Jamie Fraser, playfully suggests that Taylor will leave Travis for him once she sees his orange wig in the crowd.

Not to Be Taken Seriously

While Sam’s playful banter may entertain fans, it is essential to note that he is not being serious about his intentions. The reference to Taylor Swift’s song “…Ready For It?” being superimposed over the clip further emphasizes the lighthearted nature of Sam’s remarks. Although he jests about Taylor shaking off Travis and choosing him instead, it is evident that his comments are all in good fun.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, may not find Sam’s remarks as amusing. As the “Outlander” star jokingly suggests a romantic rivalry between himself and the NFL player, it raises questions about potential tensions. While Travis has not publicly needed to defend his relationship with Taylor thus far, the emergence of a new ‘hunk’ in the conversation may prompt him to make an appearance and assert his presence.

In the world of celebrity interactions and playful banter, it is crucial to differentiate between jest and genuine intentions. Sam Heughan’s humorous comments about wooing Taylor Swift away from Travis Kelce add a light-hearted touch to the entertainment industry. As fans indulge in the fantasy of a fictional love triangle, it is essential to remember that behind the scenes, these celebrities are merely enjoying the playful exchange of words for the amusement of their audience.


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