Drew Barrymore’s Playboy Cover Resurfaces in Parenting Dilemma

Drew Barrymore’s Playboy Cover Resurfaces in Parenting Dilemma

Drew Barrymore shared on an episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” that her daughter brings up her 1995 “Playboy” cover when they argue about appropriate clothing choices. The actress revealed that when she tells her daughter she can’t wear a crop top, her daughter retorts with, “You were on the cover of Playboy.”

Barrymore did not specify which of her daughters, Olive or Frankie, made the comment about her past. Regardless, she appreciates her daughter’s boldness. Christina Aguilera, a guest on the show, related to the situation, mentioning that she also faces similar challenges with her daughter wanting to wear revealing clothing. Both celebrity moms confirmed that they have no regrets about their past choices and believe in expressing themselves authentically.

Aguilera emphasized the importance of women embracing their bodies and feeling empowered. She mentioned that self-expression should be embraced without any regrets. Barrymore echoed similar sentiments, sharing her perspective on posing for “Playboy.” She explained that at the time, she felt like she was reclaiming her power and does not regret her decision, despite not knowing she would become a parent in the future.

The exchange between Barrymore and her daughter serves as a reminder of the challenges parents face when their past decisions come back to haunt them. It highlights the complexities of parenting and the need for open communication and understanding. As children become more aware of their parents’ pasts, it is essential for parents to navigate these conversations with honesty and empathy. Ultimately, the experience can lead to a deeper bond and mutual respect between parent and child.


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