Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates 66th Birthday with Intense Gym Session

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates 66th Birthday with Intense Gym Session

No days off. Ellen DeGeneres recently rang in her 66th birthday with a powerful workout at the gym, and her wife Portia de Rossi captured the moment on Instagram. In a heartfelt caption, Rossi expressed her awe and admiration for her spouse, calling her the strongest, sweetest, and most brilliant person she knows. The couple, who got married in 2008, shared their joy and appreciation for each other as they embarked on another year together.

The video posted on Instagram showcases DeGeneres’ dedication to fitness. It begins with her confidently performing dumbbell shoulder presses, showcasing her muscular strength. Rossi playfully jokes about her impressive appearance at 66 years old. DeGeneres then moves on to single-hand overhead presses, pull-ups, and even pushing a training sled. Her commitment to maintaining a strong and healthy physique is evident throughout the video.

DeGeneres’ birthday celebrations didn’t end in the gym. She received an outpouring of love and well wishes from her celebrity friends. Kris Jenner, a close friend of DeGeneres, expressed her admiration for the TV host and shared various pictures and videos of their time together. Jenner praised DeGeneres’ kindness, thoughtfulness, and talent, indicating how blessed she feels to have her in her life.

Other familiar faces, such as TV personality Kym Douglas and author Jay Shetty, also took to social media to celebrate DeGeneres’ special day. The talk show host’s former guests, who have shared the stage with her over the years, made sure to send their heartfelt wishes as well. The birthday messages from her friends and colleagues serve as a testament to DeGeneres’ wide-reaching impact and the love she has garnered throughout her career.

Delicious and Unique Birthday Surprises

Outside of the gym and the online birthday wishes, DeGeneres enjoyed a fun-filled day. She treated her Instagram followers to a glimpse of her pickleball-themed cake, an intriguing and personalized choice. Reflecting on her birthday, DeGeneres expressed her gratitude for the well wishes and particularly acknowledged her wife’s love and support.

In another Instagram post, DeGeneres showcased her competitive side by challenging Orlando Bloom to a game of pickleball. The video clip captures the lighthearted spirit of the moment and reveals DeGeneres’ playful nature. Although she didn’t emerge victorious, her enthusiasm and determination epitomize the joy she finds in friendly competition.

Celebrating a Lifetime of Success

As Ellen DeGeneres celebrates her 66th birthday, she continues to inspire her audience with her commitment to fitness and positive outlook on life. Her birthday gym session serves as a reminder that age is just a number and that maintaining one’s physical and mental well-being is a lifelong journey. With the support of her loving wife and the admiration of her friends and fans, DeGeneres embarks on another year, ready to tackle new challenges and spread joy and laughter wherever she goes.


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