Exciting Changes at Buckingham Palace for King Charles

Exciting Changes at Buckingham Palace for King Charles

It has been announced that Buckingham Palace, King Charles’s London residence, will be undergoing a significant change over the weekend. To mark the beginning of British Summer Time, clocks from the Royal Collection will be returning to the Yellow Drawing Room and Centre Room in the East Wing of the palace. A team of three horological conservators will be in charge of changing the clocks across all of the King’s official residences.

Among the timepieces returning to the palace are a variety of clocks, including musical clocks, astronomical clocks, and miniature clocks. One of the notable pieces is the Anne Boleyn Clock, believed to be the oldest in the collection. It is said to have been a gift from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn on the morning of their marriage in 1532.

Although Buckingham Palace is not currently King Charles’s main residence, it is set to become his home in 2027. Following the completion of a ten-year renovation project in the North Wing of the palace, King Charles and Queen Camilla are expected to relocate from Clarence House. The renovation project, which began under the late Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, is being overseen by her son, King Charles.

In preparation for their move to Buckingham Palace, the monarch is in the process of hiring a new full-time Housekeeping Assistant. The responsibilities of the role include the upkeep, cleaning, and care of a wide range of interiors and items within the palace. It is yet to be determined whether King Charles will retain Clarence House as a secondary residence after the move.

In addition to the changes at Buckingham Palace, King Charles’s beloved Scottish estate, Balmoral, is now open to the public. The Aberdeenshire-based castle welcomed visitors starting on the 23rd of March. This weekend will also see King Charles and Queen Camilla attending the Easter Sunday service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, along with other members of the royal family.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that the Prince and Princess of Wales will not be present at the church service this year. Queen Camilla is currently undergoing preventative treatment for cancer and is focused on her recovery. This will mark King Charles’s first significant public outing since being diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer earlier this year.

Buckingham Palace is undergoing exciting changes in preparation for King Charles’s future residence. With new clocks being installed and renovations taking place, it is an exciting time for the royal family. Despite some challenges, such as health concerns, the royal family continues to adapt and move forward in their duties and responsibilities.


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