Exploring Earl Charles Spencer’s Althorp Estate

Exploring Earl Charles Spencer’s Althorp Estate

Earl Charles Spencer recently took to Instagram to share an exciting update about his sprawling Northamptonshire estate, Althorp. The historical property is set to open its doors for the summer of 2024, and Charles shared this news alongside a carousel of images showcasing the estate’s latest exhibit – a handcrafted wooden canoe given to him for his 60th birthday. The canoe holds sentimental value as it was built for him to use on the property’s Oval Lake, where his late sister Princess Diana is laid to rest.

In a heartfelt caption, Charles announced that Althorp will be open to day visitors from 1st July until 29th August this year. He expressed his gratitude for the stunning canoe, gifted to him by @marckoska on his 60th birthday in May. The Earl emphasized the beauty of this new exhibit, comparing it to the works of art housed in Althorp House, accumulated by his family over 500 years. He was in awe of the generosity, craftsmanship, and thoughtfulness behind this meaningful gift.

Fans and friends of Earl Charles Spencer were quick to express their excitement in the comments section of his Instagram post. Many shared their plans to visit Althorp, with one follower eagerly anticipating their trip with friends and another expressing their anticipation to see the new exhibit. The general consensus was one of admiration for the stunning canoe and excitement to explore the estate during the summer months.

Althorp has a rich history, with areas such as the 115-foot-long Picture Gallery and Wootton Hall open to visitors during the summer months. Charles has previously spoken about the significance of the estate’s opening and closing dates, which coincidentally align with important dates related to his late sister, Princess Diana. The decision to open on Diana’s birthday and close on the anniversary of her passing was made five years before her untimely death, adding to the estate’s mysterious connection to the Spencer family.

As children, Charles and his sisters Princess Diana, Sarah, and Jane frequented Althorp to visit their grandparents. Princess Diana, in particular, formed a strong bond with the property, moving in at the age of 14. It was at Althorp where Diana first met her future husband, Prince Charles, in 1977 while he was dating her sister, Sarah. Following her tragic death in 1997, Princess Diana was laid to rest at Althorp, a decision made by Earl Charles Spencer to ensure her security and privacy.

Earl Charles Spencer’s Althorp estate is a place steeped in history and sentimental value. The opening of the estate for summer 2024, along with the addition of the handcrafted canoe exhibit, offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rich heritage of this magnificent property. As the legacy of Princess Diana continues to be honored at Althorp, it remains a place of profound significance for the Spencer family and all those who visit.


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