Fashion Tales: Lisa Rinna and Her Fearless Family

Fashion Tales: Lisa Rinna and Her Fearless Family

Lisa Rinna is no stranger to making bold fashion choices, and it seems that her daughters, Amelia and Delilah, have inherited their mother’s fearlessness when it comes to style. From skintight latex to see-through catsuits, Rinna has pushed the envelope with her outfits over the years. In a recent interview with Only Natural Diamonds magazine, Rinna reflected on the wild looks she and her daughters have sported in various photoshoots. She confessed that while it takes a lot to shock her, she believes she manages to surprise her daughters with her fashion choices. Rinna revels in making people gasp at her outfits and hairstyling decisions, stating, “If it shocks people, great. I love to shock people.”

Despite her penchant for daring ensembles, Rinna has instilled in her daughters the value of kindness and gratitude in the fashion industry. She emphasized the significance of treating everyone with respect and showing gratitude for the opportunities they have. Rinna firmly believes that without kindness and gratitude, success in the industry is unattainable. This emphasis on character development alongside fashion choices showcases Rinna’s maternal instincts and commitment to raising compassionate individuals in the cutthroat world of fashion.

Rinna’s love for fashion is evident in her extensive collection of vintage pieces and designer clothing. Instead of a typical walk-in closet, she boasts having an entire room dedicated to housing her clothes and shoes. One of her most cherished vintage pieces is a 1994-era Alaïa dress gifted to her by her husband, Harry Hamlin. The dress symbolized a turning point in Rinna’s fashion journey, inspiring her to work hard to afford the clothes she adores. This dedication to her passion for fashion is palpable in Rinna’s commitment to collecting pieces that hold sentimental value and represent pivotal moments in her life.

In addition to her extensive clothing collection, Rinna also treasures sentimental jewelry pieces. Among them is a stunning Fred Leighton ring set with diamonds passed down from Hamlin’s mother and grandmother. Rinna’s careful handling of the ring demonstrates her respect for the sentimental value it holds. Moreover, Rinna plans to pass down a special piece of jewelry from her late mother, Lois, to her daughters. The engagement ring, adorned with two diamonds, symbolizes a generational connection and showcases Rinna’s desire to preserve family traditions and memories through cherished heirlooms.

Lisa Rinna’s fearless approach to fashion, combined with her emphasis on kindness and gratitude, sets an inspiring example for her daughters and aspiring fashion enthusiasts. Her dedication to curating a unique and meaningful wardrobe, as well as her appreciation for sentimental jewelry, reflects a deep connection to her personal history and a commitment to preserving cherished memories. Rinna’s fashion tales are not just about clothing and accessories; they are a testament to the values she holds dear and the legacy she hopes to pass on to future generations in the realm of fashion.


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