Former Employees Sue Bre Tiesi for Harassment and Emotional Distress

Former Employees Sue Bre Tiesi for Harassment and Emotional Distress

Bre Tiesi, known for her appearance on “Selling Sunset,” is facing a lawsuit filed by three of her former employees. The lawsuit alleges that the employees, Lucy Poole, Amanda Bustard, and Kenneth Gomez, were subjected to continuous harassment and emotional distress during their time working for the real estate agent. The employees claim that they were discriminated against based on their sex, gender, and sexual orientation, and that their complaints about the harassment were ignored.

Lucy Poole, who worked as a nanny for Tiesi’s child, alleged that she was verbally abused by Tiesi and called derogatory names. Poole, who reportedly suffers from a mental disability, stated that Tiesi treated her in a vulgar and violent manner if tasks were not performed to her satisfaction. The lawsuit also mentions that Tiesi made inappropriate comments about Poole’s child and her LGBTQ identity.

Amanda Bustard, who served as Tiesi’s social media manager, claimed that she was also subjected to inappropriate behavior by Tiesi. Bustard stated that Tiesi would scream at employees and make violent threats towards them. Additionally, Bustard alleged that Tiesi used offensive language when referring to her employees, creating a hostile work environment.

Kenneth Gomez, who worked as Tiesi’s assistant and stylist, claimed that he was verbally abused by Tiesi and faced derogatory comments about his LGBTQ identity. Gomez alleged that Tiesi refused to pay him and unlawfully terminated his employment after he complained about his wages. The lawsuit seeks damages for the emotional distress and loss of earnings experienced by the employees.

Legal Action Against Bre Tiesi

The plaintiffs are seeking more than $4,250,000 each in damages from Bre Tiesi. They have requested a trial by jury to address the allegations of harassment and discrimination. The lawsuit highlights the importance of creating a safe and respectful work environment for all employees, regardless of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

Overall, the allegations made by the former employees paint a troubling picture of Bre Tiesi’s behavior in the workplace. It is crucial for employers to take allegations of harassment and discrimination seriously and to address them promptly. The lawsuit serves as a reminder of the consequences of failing to create a positive and inclusive work environment.


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