George Santos Lies About OnlyFans Page

George Santos Lies About OnlyFans Page

The recent debacle involving ex-pol George Santos and his supposed OnlyFans page has left many scratching their heads. Santos jokingly mentioned the idea of starting an OnlyFans page in a podcast interview, causing confusion among those who were not sure if he was being serious. When questioned about his intentions, Santos vehemently denied any plans of joining the racy site and even threatened legal action against those who reported otherwise.

Clash with Page Six

The confrontation between George Santos and Page Six took an interesting turn when Santos accused the publication of lacking a sense of humor and sarcasm. Despite clarifications made by Page Six about not insinuating any adult content, Santos continued to dispute their claims and labeled them as a “thirsty sad tabloid”. The back-and-forth exchanges revealed the high levels of tension between Santos and the media outlet.

In a surprising turn of events, George Santos revealed on Thursday that he is indeed starting an OnlyFans page. However, he was quick to mention that the content on his account would not be adult-oriented. This abrupt change in stance from vehement denial to actual implementation raises questions about Santos’ credibility and integrity.

The entire saga surrounding George Santos and his alleged OnlyFans page serves as a cautionary tale about the implications of making false claims and engaging in confrontations with the media. It highlights the importance of transparency and honesty in public statements, as well as the need to handle disagreements in a more diplomatic and respectful manner. As Santos embarks on this new venture, only time will tell if he can truly deliver on his promises.


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