GloRilla Embraces New Nickname Amid Drama

GloRilla Embraces New Nickname Amid Drama

In the midst of drama with Damian Lillard’s estranged wife, GloRilla has chosen to take a different approach. Instead of letting the situation get her down, she has decided to embrace a new nickname given to her by Lillard’s wife. The rapper, known for her bold personality, recently posted a video on her Instagram story showcasing her new jersey. The yellow crop top-esque fit featured red lettering on the back that read “GloLillard” with Lillard’s number “0” below it.

A Friendly Shot Back

The new jersey can be seen as a friendly shot back at Lillard’s estranged wife, Kay’La. This comes after Lillard filed for divorce from Kay’La back in October. The situation escalated when GloRilla was recently arrested for DUI, and Kay’La posted Glo’s mug shot on Instagram, jokingly calling her a “sister wife” and using the hashtag “#FreeGloLillard.”

Embracing the Drama

Despite the online banter and tension, it appears that GloRilla is not letting the drama affect her. Instead, she is embracing the new nickname and perhaps even using her clothing choices to manifest a new connection. While fans speculated on how Glo would respond to Kay’La’s posts, it seems that she is taking it all in stride.

However, it’s important to note that GloRilla has her own set of personal issues to deal with. Her recent arrest for DUI, along with other charges related to driving under the influence, consuming/possessing an open alcoholic beverage container, and a separate traffic violation, indicate that she is going through a challenging time. It’s evident that she is not looking to start any more drama and is focusing on handling her legal matters.

Despite the circumstances, it seems like the nickname “GloLillard” is here to stay, regardless of Kay’La’s feelings towards it. GloRilla’s decision to embrace the new persona shows her resilience and ability to navigate through difficult situations with grace. Only time will tell how this new chapter unfolds for GloRilla and her evolving identity as GloLillard.


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