How Emily Andre Prioritizes Mental Health and Physical Activity After Welcoming Baby Arabella Rose

How Emily Andre Prioritizes Mental Health and Physical Activity After Welcoming Baby Arabella Rose

Recently, Emily Andre, a junior doctor, welcomed her baby girl Arabella Rose and has been actively sharing snippets of her life post-pregnancy on social media. In a heartwarming video shared on her Instagram account, Emily can be seen cradling her daughter before taking her out in her pram for a stroll on the drive of their stunning Surrey mansion.

Amidst her new role as a mother, Emily also highlighted the significance of Mental Health Awareness Week, emphasizing the importance of physical activity in maintaining mental well-being. In her post, she expressed how regular exercise has been instrumental in helping her feel good about herself, improve self-esteem, and get better sleep. Specifically, she mentioned the positive impact of going for daily walks post-birth, especially during her recovery period when she was unable to drive.

Celebrating Arabella Rose’s Arrival

Arabella Rose was born on April 2nd, and proud dad Peter Andre shared the joyous news on social media with endearing photos of the newborn being cuddled by both him and Emily. The couple expressed their overwhelming happiness at welcoming their beautiful daughter into the world, with Peter noting her healthy arrival at 7lb 3oz.

In addition to expressing their joy, Peter and Emily also extended their gratitude to the NHS staff for their support during the birthing process. Furthermore, Peter mentioned how their other children, Junior, Princess, Amelia, and Theo, have already formed a deep bond with their newest family member, showering her with love and cuddles.

As Emily Andre navigates the journey of motherhood with grace and resilience, she continues to prioritize her mental health and physical well-being. By sharing her experiences and insights on social media, she not only celebrates the joys of parenthood but also raises awareness about the importance of self-care and staying active during the postpartum period. With a supportive family and a loving partner by her side, Emily sets a shining example of how to embrace motherhood while focusing on personal well-being.


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