James Middleton Shares Adorable Family Video on Instagram

James Middleton Shares Adorable Family Video on Instagram

Princess Kate’s younger brother, James Middleton, recently took to Instagram to share a heartwarming video of his family during a talk about his upcoming book, Meet Ella. The book, set to be released in September, will delve into his special bond with his therapy dog, Ella, and how he coped with her loss in 2023. In the idyllic video, two of James’s dogs are seen lounging in the grass while baby Inigo, dressed in a cute blue onesie, watches on. His wife, Alizée, can be seen playing with one of the dogs, creating a heartwarming family moment that James wishes could last forever.

James expressed his gratitude for the precious moment captured in the video, attributing it all to Ella. He shared how Ella played a crucial role in his life, introducing him to Alizée, who would later become his wife. The couple’s son, Inigo, who arrived a year after their marriage, was unfortunately not able to meet Ella, but her presence is felt in every moment they share as a family. James reflects on how without Ella, this beautiful moment with his family may never have happened.

The story of how James met his future wife, Alizée, is both charming and serendipitous. During a moment when Ella unexpectedly approached Alizée instead of going for water, James found himself apologizing for the situation. Little did he know that this small mishap would lead to a beautiful connection. Alizée mistook James for a waiter as she continued to lavish attention on Ella. This chance encounter sparked the beginning of a wonderful relationship that would eventually culminate in marriage.

Alizée’s affection for dogs is evident as she playfully interacts with one of the canine companions in the video. The Middleton family has always had a strong bond with their furry friends, with James being particularly close to his therapy dog, Ella. Inspired by their special connection, James founded Ella & Co., a business dedicated to promoting the health and happiness of dogs. With an impressive pack of six dogs – Zulu, Luna, Inka, Mabel, Nala, and Isla – James’s family expanded further with the arrival of their son, Inigo, in October 2023. It seems that baby Inigo is already following in his father’s footsteps and forming a close relationship with their beloved dogs.

This heartwarming family video shared by James Middleton offers a glimpse into the love and joy that dogs bring into their lives. The bond between James, his family, and their furry companions is truly special, showcasing the profound impact that animals can have on our well-being and relationships.


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