Janette Manrara’s Heartwarming Moments with Baby Lyra

Janette Manrara’s Heartwarming Moments with Baby Lyra

Janette Manrara, the former Strictly professional, is overjoyed by her little girl Lyra Rose. The 40-year-old mother recently shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram account, capturing Lyra’s precious reaction to tasting peaches and raspberries. Lyra’s adorable giggle melted hearts everywhere. As Janette prepares to introduce solid foods to Lyra, she reveals that the little one has a preference for fruit flavors over vegetables. It’s no wonder considering how delicious fruits can be!

Despite her glittering career, Janette has always been open about the challenges of being away from her daughter. During her time on the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour, she shared her heartbreak on Instagram, expressing how difficult it was for her to part ways with Lyra. The heartfelt post accompanied a photo of the pair cuddled up together, conveying the special bond they share. Janette admitted that she didn’t want to move from that spot and mentioned how it would be the longest time she had been away from Lyra. However, she finds solace in the love for her work and the busyness that it brings.

Now, Janette is happily back home with Lyra and her husband, Aljaz Skorjanec. The family is making sure to regain their quality time together. Recently, Janette and Aljaz had a romantic meal at La Capilla, a lovely Mexican restaurant, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They savored cocktails and beer, relishing each other’s company before their meal. Lyra, too, had a special Valentine’s Day, receiving adorable gifts from her cousins in Slovenia. Among the presents was a personalized babygrow, which Lyra sported for a delightful photo. The babygrow featured the words “Lyra’s first Valentine’s Day” accompanied by a string of red love hearts. She also wore a beautiful red-spotted bow, another thoughtful gift from her family members.

Janette took the opportunity to share a heartwarming message along with a photo of Lyra in her Valentine’s Day outfit. She wanted to show Lyra that the day signifies love in all its forms – love for friends, family, partners, oneself, and everyone. This time holds great meaning for Janette, who believes in embracing love in every way possible.

Janette Manrara’s journey as a mother has been filled with awe-inspiring moments. From witnessing her daughter’s joy during mealtime to cherishing precious family time, Janette shines a light on the beauty of motherhood. Through her openness and heartfelt posts, she reminds us of the importance of love and connection, whether it be with our little ones or in our relationships with friends and ourselves.


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