Jay Leno Granted Conservatorship Over Wife Amid Dementia Battle

Jay Leno Granted Conservatorship Over Wife Amid Dementia Battle

Jay Leno has been officially granted conservatorship over his wife, Mavis Leno, amidst her battle with dementia. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the conservatorship, stating that Mavis is in “good care” with the former talk show host. The judge acknowledged Jay’s efforts, mentioning that everything he is doing is right in this difficult period.

Mavis, who is 77 years old, was confirmed to be on board with the conservatorship and deemed her husband fitting for the role of her conservator. Her lawyer also confirmed that Mavis was in agreement with Jay’s request, stating that she is receiving excellent care under his supervision. The documents revealed Mavis’ diagnosis of advanced dementia, leading to a decline in her health.

Jay Leno took the opportunity to mention that he was in the process of reviewing his wife’s will and estate planning. In January, the comedian filed for conservatorship to set up a living trust for his wife to ensure her care in case of any unforeseen circumstances. He waited to file the conservatorship until it was necessary, without specifying when Mavis was diagnosed with the disease.

Mavis’ neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen, detailed her condition in the documents, mentioning her disorientation and tendency to ruminate about her deceased parents. The court-appointed counsel also noted that Mavis trusted Jay for her protection and guidance, showing great faith in him.

Despite the challenges they are facing, Jay and Mavis have been seen out together on various occasions. They attended comedy shows together, showing their resilience and commitment to each other. Jay and Mavis, who have been married since 1980, do not have any children.

The decision to grant Jay Leno conservatorship over his wife Mavis highlights the importance of providing care and support for loved ones facing health challenges. It is a reminder of the commitment and responsibility that comes with caring for someone with dementia. Jay’s dedication to ensuring Mavis’ well-being and his proactive approach to estate planning serve as an example for others in similar situations.


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