Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Jab at Mike Pence at GLAAD Media Awards

Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Jab at Mike Pence at GLAAD Media Awards

At the recent GLAAD Media Awards, Jennifer Lawrence made headlines by taking a swipe at Vice President Mike Pence and his controversial views on the LGBTQ community. While honoring country music star Orville Peck with the Vito Russo Award, Lawrence couldn’t resist poking fun at Pence’s support for conversion therapy and his anti-LGBTQ stance.

Jennifer Lawrence’s speech at the GLAAD Media Awards was filled with sarcasm and wit as she jokingly praised the talent in the room by stating, “loved seeing so many humans who can top their field while still power bottoming.” Her humorous remarks didn’t stop there, as she quipped about the absence of mace in a room full of men and reminisced about her unsuccessful attempt to convert her “homosexual” first love, taking a direct dig at Pence’s beliefs.

By ridiculing Pence’s support for conversion therapy and suggesting that he was too busy receiving a humorous award, Lawrence managed to mock both the Vice President and Nickelodeon in one swift motion. Her comment about Pence winning the “Kids’ Choice Award for weirdest d**k” not only targeted his controversial beliefs but also took a jab at the children’s network for its recent controversies.

As a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights, Jennifer Lawrence used her platform at the GLAAD Media Awards to shed light on the harmful practices of conversion therapy and the importance of accepting individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. By delivering a humorous yet impactful speech, she showcased her unwavering advocacy for equality and inclusion in the entertainment industry.

Jennifer Lawrence’s witty remarks at the GLAAD Media Awards serve as a reminder of the ongoing battle for LGBTQ rights and representation in society. Through clever humor and sharp commentary, she managed to address serious issues while keeping the audience entertained. By calling out Vice President Mike Pence and shedding light on important social issues, Lawrence exemplified the power of using one’s voice for positive change.


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