John Cena’s Controversial Stunt at the Oscars: A Bold Move or a Misstep?

John Cena’s Controversial Stunt at the Oscars: A Bold Move or a Misstep?

At the 2024 Oscars, famed actor John Cena made a bold choice by deciding to present an award in his birthday suit. This unexpected move took the audience by surprise, especially since he was supposed to pay homage to a past streaker at the Academy Awards.

Initially, Cena was meant to execute the stunt with the backing of host Jimmy Kimmel. However, at the last moment, he had a change of heart and decided against going through with it. The comedian set the stage for the skit, reminiscing about a past streaker at the Oscars and teasing Cena about reenacting the moment. Cena, with a look of regret, ultimately refused to carry out the streaker bit, citing the event’s elegance and his discomfort with the idea.

The Presentation

Despite the hesitation and initial reluctance, Cena eventually agreed to present the award for best costume design. Covered with a modesty garment, he approached the microphone on stage to address the importance of costumes. However, he fumbled with the envelope containing the nominees, leading to Kimmel stepping in to take over the presentation. Behind the scenes, assistants were seen assisting Cena by dressing him in a gold-colored toga before he handed out the award to “Poor Things.”

John Cena’s daring choice to appear in his birthday suit at the Oscars sparked a mix of reactions from the audience and viewers. Some viewed it as a bold move that added an element of surprise to the event, while others questioned the taste and appropriateness of such a stunt. The incident raised discussions about boundaries in entertainment and whether there are lines that should not be crossed, especially in prestigious events like the Oscars.

John Cena’s decision to present an award naked at the Oscars will likely be remembered as a controversial moment in awards show history. Whether it was a bold move or a misstep remains a topic of debate, but one thing is certain – it certainly got people talking.


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