John Janssen Sues Shannon Beador for $75,000 Over Alleged Facelift Loan

John Janssen Sues Shannon Beador for $75,000 Over Alleged Facelift Loan

In a recent turn of events, John Janssen has reportedly filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend Shannon Beador for $75,000. According to court documents obtained by People, Janssen, a 61-year-old businessman, claims that Beador, a 59-year-old reality star on “Real Housewives of Orange County,” breached their oral contract by failing to repay a loan. The lawsuit alleges that Janssen lent Beador $40,000 for a facelift via wire transfer in January 2022, and an additional $35,000 via a personal check in May 2023, with an agreement for repayment with interest.

Despite Janssen’s assertions, Beador maintains that the money was a gift and not a loan. She expressed shock and disappointment at the lawsuit, stating that she had agreed to pay Janssen back to avoid escalating legal fees and emotional distress. Beador’s defense that the funds were a gift has been countered by Janssen’s lawyer, Edson K. McClellan, who claims that evidence from emails and text messages proves otherwise.

Janssen and Beador’s relationship blossomed in early 2019, captured by the cameras of “RHOC.” However, their romance came to an end in late 2022, following the filming of Season 17. Despite their split, the pair remained friends until events unfolded that strained their relationship. Beador’s arrest for a DUI and hit-and-run, coupled with Janssen’s growing closeness to former castmate Alexis Bellino, contributed to the deterioration of their friendship.

Following her split from ex-fiancé Andy Bohn in September 2023, Bellino found solace in Janssen’s company. By December of the same year, the two were openly displaying affection, causing Beador to express feelings of hurt. Janssen hinted at a possible engagement with Bellino, having gifted her a $16,000 promise ring for Christmas. He professed his deep connection to Bellino, stating that he could not envision his life without her.

The legal battle between Janssen and Beador sheds light on the complexities of relationships and financial transactions. The intricacies of personal loans and gifts can quickly become entangled, leading to disputes and legal action. As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how Janssen and Beador will navigate their differences and seek resolution.


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