JoJo Siwa’s Future Plans and Career Transition

JoJo Siwa’s Future Plans and Career Transition

JoJo Siwa, the former child star who is set to turn 21 in May, has big plans for her future. She enthusiastically expressed her desire to become a mother in the coming years and even revealed that she already has a sperm donor lined up. During an interview at the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, Siwa shared her excitement about starting a family. “I cannot wait to have kids,” she said. “One day I want to have a great little family.”

Despite her aspirations for motherhood, Siwa is currently focusing on a new era in her career. She described this transition as a risk with uncertain rewards, but emphasized that it is artistically where she wants to be. “It’s a lot f*cked up…and I’ve been waiting for this one,” Siwa teased.

Inspiration and Realizations

Siwa has been open about her journey of self-discovery and coming out as gay in January 2021. She revealed that watching Jenna Dewan’s performance on “Lip Sync Battle” helped her realize her attraction to women. Additionally, she credited Demi Lovato’s song “Cool for the Summer” as instrumental in her “gay awakening.” Siwa shared that she first thought she might be gay when she felt “grossed out by the thought” of having sex with her first boyfriend.

While Siwa has publicly dated Kylie Prew and influencer Avery Cyrus, she is currently not in a serious relationship. Despite not being romantically involved at the moment, Siwa is looking forward to the day when she will have her three children named Freddie, Eddie, and Teddy. She even has three arm tattoos dedicated to these future little ones, whom she plans to welcome in “a couple of years.”

JoJo Siwa’s future plans include starting a family and furthering her career ambitions. She is looking forward to the day when she can become a mother and raise her children with love and dedication. Additionally, her journey of self-discovery and coming out has been a significant part of her personal growth and exploration. As she navigates through this new chapter in her life, Siwa remains focused on pursuing her artistic vision and embracing the risks and challenges that come with it.


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