Joy Behar’s Take on the Trump-Biden Debate

Joy Behar’s Take on the Trump-Biden Debate

Famous talk show host Joy Behar recently shared her thoughts on the upcoming debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Behar believes that it is Trump, not Biden, who should be put to the test before the debate. She suggested that Trump should be subjected to a polygraph test instead of Biden being challenged to take a drug test. Behar made these comments outside ABC Studios in New York City, emphasizing her belief that Trump is the one who needs to prove something, not Biden.

Mental Fitness

According to Behar, Joe Biden is mentally fit and capable of debating Trump without any external aids. She dismissed Trump’s claims that Biden might be using performance-enhancing drugs and stressed that it is Trump who should be questioned. Behar’s humorous take on the situation includes the idea of Trump taking a lie detector test, which she jokingly suggested he would fail. She also made lighthearted remarks about the possibility of drugs in Trump’s system, adding a comic element to her argument.

Debate Expectations

As the debate between Biden and Trump approaches, there is a sense of anticipation and pressure from both sides. While Chris Cuomo has expressed the belief that Biden is under more pressure to perform well, Behar’s comments imply that Trump is the one who should be under scrutiny. With the debate set to be a significant event for both candidates, the focus is on how each of them will handle the challenge of facing off against one another. Despite the speculation and jokes surrounding the debate, it remains to be seen how the actual event will unfold.

Joy Behar’s comments on the Trump-Biden debate offer a fresh perspective on the situation. By shifting the focus to Trump’s behavior and suggesting that he should be the one tested before the debate, Behar has provided an amusing and thought-provoking take on the upcoming event. As the debate draws near, the attention will be on how both candidates perform and respond to the challenges presented. Whether or not any actual tests will be conducted, the debate is sure to be an intense and closely watched event.


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