Judge Judy’s Critique on Liberal D.A.’s and Crime in America

Judge Judy’s Critique on Liberal D.A.’s and Crime in America

Judge Judy, the renowned TV jurist, has taken a firm stance against liberal District Attorneys, accusing them of contributing to the increase in crime rates in the United States. She argues that the trend of excusing criminal behavior based on offenders’ backgrounds only serves to reward bad people and ultimately make society less safe. According to Judge Judy, when society begins to make excuses for criminal behavior, it falls apart, creating a dangerous scenario where bad individuals are incentivized to commit crimes.

She specifically calls out cities like Portland, San Francisco, and New York City, where she believes liberal D.A.’s have had a detrimental impact. Judge Judy points to New York’s decision not to try minors as adults as a particularly egregious example. She argues that individuals who commit heinous crimes, such as attacking an elderly woman with a steel pipe, should not be allowed to roam the streets freely, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice in such cases.

In Judge Judy’s view, there is no valid excuse for criminal behavior. She highlights various reasons that are often used to justify crimes, such as a lack of proper upbringing, single-parent households, mental illness, drug addiction, or alcohol abuse. However, she firmly asserts that none of these reasons should serve as a justification for engaging in unlawful activities. According to her, every individual is responsible for their actions, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Judge Judy’s critique of liberal D.A.’s and their approach to handling criminal cases sheds light on the importance of accountability and responsibility in maintaining law and order in society. Her outspoken views challenge the prevailing trend of excusing criminal behavior based on social or personal factors, emphasizing the need for a more stringent and just legal system. Ultimately, Judge Judy’s call for holding individuals accountable for their actions serves as a reminder that justice must prevail, irrespective of external circumstances.


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