Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Celebrate Son’s 17th Birthday

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Celebrate Son’s 17th Birthday

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder recently celebrated a special milestone in their family as their youngest son, Henry, turned 17 on June 18. The Oscar-winning actress, 56, and her cinematographer husband, 55, have been blessed with three children, including twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, who are now 19. Despite leading successful careers, the couple prioritizes their roles as parents and find immense joy in watching their children grow.

A Heartfelt Tribute

To mark Henry’s birthday, Julia shared a touching throwback photo of the birthday boy as a baby on Instagram, expressing her amazement at how fast time flies. The picture captured the essence of motherhood and the love she has for her son. The couple, who often keep their family life private, occasionally let fans in on glimpses of their personal lives, such as Danny sharing a picture of Henry on his 15th birthday.

Parenting Fears and Realizations

In a candid interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb, Julia revealed her fears and insecurities as a parent. She admitted to moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, emphasizing the importance of being honest with her kids about her imperfections. Despite her iconic status in the entertainment industry, Julia acknowledges that her greatest fulfillment comes from her family life and the relationships she has built with her husband and children over the years.

Julia emphasized the profound bond she shares with her children, referring to them as her stewards and shepherds in life. She recognizes the privilege of being chosen by her children to guide them through their journey and provide them with love, support, and wisdom along the way. While Julia values her acting career, she considers her family life to be the true essence of her dreams coming true.

The family recently experienced another significant milestone as the twins left home for college. Julia expressed a mix of emotions, feeling both lightheaded and excited for her children as they embarked on this new chapter in their lives. She acknowledged the significance of seeing her firstborns embark on their own college experience, a journey she did not have the opportunity to pursue herself.

Julia and Danny playfully debate over which parent their children resemble more, often jokingly claiming that the kids take after one parent over the other. Their playful banter adds a sense of lightheartedness to their family dynamics and highlights the love and humor that define their relationships. Despite their busy schedules and public personas, Julia and Danny prioritize their roles as parents and cherish the moments they share with their children.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s family dynamic showcases the beauty of parenthood and the precious moments families share together. As they navigate their children’s milestones and celebrate each new chapter in their lives, Julia and Danny embody the essence of unconditional love, support, and joy that comes with being dedicated parents. Their family serves as a reminder of the importance of treasuring the moments we have with our loved ones and embracing the journey of parenthood with grace and gratitude.


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